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Our Story

Hi! I am Lisa, Owner of Pink House Style.

From the time I was a little girl, I was surrounded by color. My mom went to design school in San Francisco, and one of her first assignments was to make a handmade color wheel. I recently found it and realized that my mom is the aesthetic influence in my life.

I grew up in the ‘60s. In our house in Marin, our bathroom was Hot Pink (sounds awful, but was fabulous). Our living room was burnt orange and cream. My bedroom had an antique French day bed and it was lacquered bright yellow to match the giant floral pattern of orange and yellow fabric my Mom found in some upscale fabric house in the city.

The bright colors in the house continued into the 70’s when we moved to San Diego, where my dad’s bathroom shower was made of deep highly saturated orange tiles from Italy and my mom hand tinted the frames around the mirrors. And, man, can she set a table!!!!!

Our house was always filled with amazing colors and pieces and it was always completely comfortable; she had such an enviable talent!

I didn’t really realize how much I picked up while being raised by her and, in the end, she is my inspiration.

I’ve been called uncompromising; I have been called crazy… at the 11th hour changing color mixes because they can be better. That is my mom in me.

Being raised by my mom has made Pink House better!

A little history of how we started: For many years, I worked in the Floral Industry supplying baskets, tins, and pottery for the growers who sell their plants and flowers to the supermarkets, bouquet makers, and florists. This took me to Asia to develop items for my customers. I fell in love with Asia. The energy there is something everyone needs to experience. Ask me to explain Asia and I can’t; you have to see it yourself!

On one of my trips to Asia, I went to visit a friend of mine who had moved to Bali. I fell in love with the rice fields, the people, the landscape...everything! So, my husband and I came back for another holiday a short time later.

Thru a few fits and starts, in 2004, we created a nice business selling jewelry and accessories, and eventually I quit my job and committed to this new adventure full time.

Almost everything that Pink House Style makes is essentially handmade, incredibly handmade, in fact.

We were so lucky from the start. We always thought there were miracles around us as we found amazing people to work with. Eventually, we expanded to India and China, but to this day, we work with many of the original people creating fun things from Bali.

All of those years of sourcing overseas taught me to find the best people with a spirit of honesty, hard work, and fairness. I know that without our beaders, wood carvers, weavers, printers, batik men and women, and our local staff in Bali, we would be nothing. They have all become family.

And the designing… for me this is the most fun. I get to look at all these great materials and figure out what you might like. I get to play with fabrics, wood, shell, beads, leather and make stuff! I am a little nerdy, so I also get to use my brain to make things stronger, different, or easier for the people to make.

And then there is my husband… we met at work years ago, Richard in Operations and Lisa in Sales. We were two sides of the same coin as far as work goes, and a pretty darn good balance. And we always have loved working together, which is pretty funny considering I grew up in a family business and swore up and down that I would never work with my husband! (I was a teenager when I did all that swearing.) Never Say Never!!!!

Our name, Pink House, comes from a tiny little pink house on a cliff in Mexico where we spent many vacations. It is a magical place where one could watch whales swim by, listen to sea lions bark, and spend hours watching the changing sea. It was a liberating experience to be there. No phones, no email, no pressures –just beautiful sunsets in the summer and long winter nights. The skies were filled with stars we can no longer see in Southern California.

We value all of our partners and we treat them like family. We are a family business we love and appreciate our employees, customers, and vendors worldwide.

We hope you enjoy our site and find something bold, colorful, unique, and fun to reflect and inspire your style. Happy Shopping!

Our Beliefs

1. Be Adventurous. Be Bold.

2. Open minds and open communication can open doors.

3. Be generous with your time, talents and heart.

4. Be the student and the teacher.

5. The Golden Rule. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

6. Pass on the good you have been given.

7. Dare to dream.

8. Teamwork makes the dreamwork

9. Style is something you have…you just need to find it.

10. Girls just want to have fun!

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