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Our Story

Pink House is about color. Pink House is about style. Pink House is about family. Pink House is about fun!

Pink House was founded in 2005 by Lisa and Richard Garton. While visiting a friend in Bali, they fell in love with the people (more on them later) and the landscape and wanted to bring the beautiful, handmade jewelry of Bali to the United States. Lisa, with a background in sales and sourcing, and Richard with a background in operations, made a great team to start their own business. For 18 years They nurtured and grew Pink House into a widely known brand in the gift industry.

In the summer of 2021 Lisa and Richard were thinking ahead to retirement. The conversation about the future of Pink House came up at a family birthday party. Their plan was to wind down operations and close the doors in late 2022. That’s where my husband Greg Garton and I (yes, I am Lisa Garton too!) come in. We couldn’t imagine Pink House ceasing to exist so through the next 18 months we all worked together on a transition plan. In January of 2023 Greg and I took over the business.

So, a little about us. Greg and I met in 2004 thanks to scrapbooking. I owned a scrapbook store in Michigan and Greg was the National Sales Manager for a large company in the industry in Southern California. We were introduced by my sales rep from his company. Shout out to Tami!! We are forever grateful 😊 We dated long distance for several years, Greg moved to Michigan for a few years, then we moved to Southern California. We now live in Eugene, Oregon and Pink House is now headquartered in Springfield, Oregon.

It is important to us that Pink House continues for many reasons but the most important is that Pink House is part of the family. Pink House is so much more than a jewelry company. It is a company that takes care of people.

We take care of our suppliers by agreeing to a fair price and paying our bills. This ensures that our bead makers and jewelry crafters (who are mostly women working from home to help support their families) are paid promptly for their work. We know that by honoring our obligations as responsible buyers we have the power to protect an entire village, not just one person.

We take care of you, our customers, by committing to providing quality, unique handmade products promptly and at a fair price. We help you to provide your customers with a fun shopping experience complete with quality, handmade jewelry from Pink House! This allows you (and many of you are family-owned small businesses like us) to care for your employees and families.

We are a family business, and we consider all our staff, customers, and suppliers worldwide to be part of our family. And we know that we would be nothing without our family. So, thank you to each of you!

We hope you enjoy shopping with Pink House and find many bold, colorful, unique, and fun items to add inspiration to your store! Happy Shopping!

Lisa K Garton




Our Beliefs

1. Be Adventurous. Be Bold.

2. Open minds and open communication can open doors.

3. Be generous with your time, talents and heart.

4. Be the student and the teacher.

5. The Golden Rule. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

6. Pass on the good you have been given.

7. Dare to dream.

8. Teamwork makes the dreamwork

9. Style is something you have…you just need to find it.

10. Girls just want to have fun!

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